One cannot go alone – partnership for development

January 18, 2017 · News · No comments

KitaleKisumuWorkshopThe development of partnerships is key to Vi Agroforestry’s work, and recently, engaging meetings were held in Kitale and Kisumu, Kenya
where farmers’ organisations and several other partners and stakeholders presented their missions, visions, challenges and concerns in how partnerships can enhance extension service delivery to small-holder farmers. Partnerships were addressed as a key component in solving the challenges being experienced in the agricultural sector today in Kenya.

One of the issues addressed was that poverty in parts of Kenya is brought by poor farming practices. With Kitale and Kisumu having a poverty level of around 50% and 60% respectively, and with the majority being small-holder farmers in the area – sustainable solutions are needed now. And they can be found together. Alternative value chains, providing the right information and embracement of new technology were some of the solutions brought up as an answer to that problem.

A sustainable environment is at the core of Vi Agroforestry’s work, and with climate change, there is a need to adapt, mitigate and build resilience among smallholders. The environmental challenges need to be addressed and joint planning among stakeholders is one important step in taking action against climate change and successful implementation of action points.

One example of how Vi Agroforestry works together with partners and county’s is the Livelihood project, launched in October this year, that aims to change the lives of 30.000 farmer families in Bungoma and Trans Nzoia counties. Through a unique partnership between Public and Private sector with 15 cooperatives, Vi Agroforestry, Brookside and the Livelihoods Fund, the project addresses not only poverty, but also climate change.

Vi Agroforestry’s mission is to fight poverty and climate change through agroforestry and strengthening of farmers’ organisations, and will achieve its goal and implement through local partners.


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