Vi Agroforestry Calls for Consultancy for Evaluation

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The purpose of the review is to guide Vi Agroforestry’s planning to ensure that the development of the projects/programmes contributes to the achievement of the goals set out in the new strategy. The intended users of the evaluation are Vi Agroforestry staff and management as well as partner organisations.

The study shall capture lessons learnt from the 2014-2016 project/programme period and provide recommendations for the coming programme period 2018-2021. The review focus is formative and the analysis will be based on current partnerships and project/programme implementation as well as relevant steering documents.

Specific objectives
1. Overall programme design: Assess the organisation and implementation modalities of the portfolio of development projects carried out in 2014-2016.
The assessment should include an overview of reported project level results for the period ending 2016.
2. Partnership: Assess the effectiveness of Vi Agroforestry’s support to partner organisations. The review should include all aspects of support, ranging from financial to technical assistance and support to organisational development.
3. Organisation: Assess the effectiveness of the regional organisation, including the regional office and the country offices. Head office in Stockholm is not included in the review.

Tenders shall be emailed no later than Monday 27 February.

Read more here: ToR Vi Agroforestry programme evaluatione Feb17



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