Tiny tree seedlings being transferred to larger pots. Photo: Riccardo Gangale

In Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda in 2014:

  • 7,217,893 trees were planted.
  • Vi Agroforestry worked with 120,143 families and 4,845 farmers groups.
  • Rows of hedges and avenues were planted on a stretch equivalent to 3,558,949 metres.
  • 618 farmers’ organisations were trained in HI V & Aids and how to assist infected and affected members.
  • 57,350 families participated in training relating to the effects of climate change.
  • 3,327  active saving and borrowing groups with a total of 70,123 members existed.
  • 21,025 households used alternative energy sources such as biogas, solar power and briquettes.
  • 453 farmers’ organisations received  training relating to human rights.
  • 47,566 households participated in training about the importance of growing a variety of crops and how to get adequate nutrition from their diet.
  • 42,470 farmers began using methods that counteract soil erosion.
  • 11,350 water collection systems were constructed.
  • 517 kitchen gardens were established at schools as a part of Vi Agroforestry’s project for future farmers


The activites of Vi Agroforestry are financed via fundraising and grants from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, Sida. In 2013, turnover from activities was SEK 67 million. Fundraising activites brought in SEK 46 million, which is the highest fundraising result to date. The biggest financier is Sida, providning 23 % of the total income.

How the money is used

For every SEK 100 recieved by Vi Agroforestry, SEK 76  goes towards our development cooperation projects. SEK 11 is spent on fundraising, SEK 12 on administration and communication, and SEK 1 are costs relating to sales of products.

Annual report

Find below the annual report for the period 1 January to 31 December 2013.

Annual Report 2014